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SSI Update

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Baby Boomer October Losses/Profits, Options Expirations

Update #086  10/17/2014 9:33 PM EST

It’s October options expiration. Below are our options that expired or profits/losses for the month:

The total expirations and profits for September was -$291.17

We recommending selling PWE, FCX this month because the portfolio was weighted too much towards resource companies. We will use the proceeds with new recommendations, once the markets find a bottom and bases, go sideways.

**We first recommended PWE in 2009, and recommended again towards the beginning of 2013. If we add in all the dividends collected , $743.93, our loss is much smaller than stated in the sell recommendation, instructions.

The goal of the Baby Boomer Portfolio is to provide income. Baby Boomer generated about $500 in income for October. We are on track to produce about 10% income (dividends, option writing, short and long-term profits) for 2014. We have averaged over 10% income since 2009. Our inception was toward the end of 2008, but we weren’t fully invested until later in 2009.