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SSI Update

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Baby Boomer Update: Noble Corp. (NE) Assignment

Update #085  09/19/2014 9:19 PM EST


We sold short the NE Sept $31 put. We will be assigned NE as it is below $31, and its September options expiration.

NE spun off its contract drilling services company, Paragon Offshore Limited (PGN), and NE shareholders will receive one share of PGN for every three shares owned of NE. This means an owner pf 100 shares would receive 33.33 shares of PGN.

The record date to receive PGN shares was July 23, we recommended NE in our May newsletter. PGN first trading date was August 4, 2014.

We will be assigned 100 shares of NE and 33.33 shares of PGN.

The current value of NE is about $24.15. The current value of PGN is about $6.59.

We received $.63 for the short put, so our adjusted cost basis for both stocks is $30.37.