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Morning Briefing

Tuesday, November 06, 2018 8:07 AM EST

Morning Matters:

Still Watching Retracements
by Geoff Garbacz

The S&P 500 is still in a downtrend though it has bounced off the lows last Monday. A key tool to track the downtrend is the retracement tool. In this case, we are tracking the retracement on the S&P 500 from the February low to the September high. More...


Market Matters:

Futures Lower Into Mid Terms
by Geoff Garbacz & Staff Writers

U.S. futures: S&P -4 Dow Jones -31, NDX -15 and Russell 2000 -4.40 with fair values HIGHER hurting open. Asia higher and Europe lower. More...


Today's Superstock Investor Stock Scorecard:

Praxair, Inc. (PX)
by Superstock Investor

Sunday we got stuck at a railroad crossing and watched as railroad cars from a variety of ag and chemical companies kept going by me. As such, we are going to look at those this week. Second up Praxair (PX) with a current price of $164.50. The result is mixed. More...


Articles That Matter:

Mid Terms Are Here
by Geoff Garbacz

Today will determine whether the Democrats take control of the House. The Senate looks to be held by the Republicans. For full coverage we turn to Politico. More...


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