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Morning Briefing

Monday, October 29, 2018 8:07 AM EDT

Morning Matters:

The Week Ahead Brings Jobs Friday
by Geoff Garbacz

The Russell 2000, NASDAQ 100, S&P 100 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average were lower for the week. The Big Picture [monthly bias] for the NASDAQ 100, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Russell 2000 and the S&P 100 remain positive despite moving into the monthly DMA Channel across the board. More...


Today's Superstock Investor Stock Scorecard:

Red Hat, Inc. (RHT)
by Superstock Investor

IBM is buying Red Hat (RHT) for $190. So the big question is did they overpay? Usually one would expect the buyout price to be the target price. It could also be the upper band. Which is it or did IBM really overpay? The answer is IBM paid within 1% of the upper bound. Gotta love our scorecard. More...


Articles That Matter:

Stocks On The Rebound This Morning
by Geoff Garbacz

Stocks have rebounded this morning after being flat to down last night. As we have noted, big gap opens are not our favorite setup as they tend to fade but right now stocks are setup for such a bounce given the dramatic oversold. More...


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